“Mad March Offer!!”

Spring has sprung early in the hedgerows of Pierreville. The primulas are already in flower, before the snow-drops are finished

The catkins are already hanging from the branches

There are even some early daffodils

So why not think about an early spring  holiday?

For March we have a special gite price from £200 – follow the link below to our website –


Brittany Ferries also has a special offer for March for the relaunch of the Poole-Cherbourg service – £59 each way.


So you can have a week in Normandy for two for just £318!! 

Hope to hear from you soon

Bob & Marjory

Burns night celebration

Spent last weekend in England; and part of the experience was the (Scottish) celebration of their most famous poet – Rabbie Burns.

Went with friends to a Burns Night Supper in Shropshire. Wonderful experience, with the piping in of the Haggis

the address to the haggis, and the toast to the haggis

and then singing, poetry and dancing.

Had our own Burns Night on the day itself – 25th January, with haggis

neeps (turnip, or swede) and tatties ( mashed potatoes)

A fitting tribute to Scotland’s national poet.

Now it’s back home and on with the work – plenty to be done in preparation for the season. Have you checked out our latest property for let this summer?  or our special spring offers?

Hope to hear from you soon

Bob and Marjory

“Dreaming of a White Christmas”??

The snow arrived here, after some days of bitterly cold weather, on Friday morning. We’d been following the discussion in the media, which seemed to say nothing more certain than “possibly, but probably not”; so it was quite a surprise to waken to the snow in the garden

Just after midday we set off, somewhat warily as it was still snowing, towards Benoistville for lunch. The roads were covered, with only tyre-tracks each way, and the snow continued to fall . At Les Pieux we joined the back of queue of traffic which then ground to a halt. Fortunately, we managed to turn and make our way home, very slowly; passing various queues, and the gendarmerie on duty redirecting traffic. No pre-Christmas lunch for us on Friday.

Saturday we checked the gites, in the snow; but a glorious, if bitterly cold day

 – and the views over the dunes were wonderful

So, snow for Christmas ?? Posibly, but probably not. Today is grey and wet, though still bitterly cold; certainly not the stuff of Christmas cards.

One Christmas meal missed. But one occasion “The Buche de Noel” started off our Christmas celebrations last Tuesday

not only the cake, but an afternoon of eating and drinking -with fruit salad, biscuits, chocolate, clementines, and of course wine, coffee and calva and rhum!! 

Sunday we had our own Christmas dinner, as Christmas Eve we eat out at friends’ in the village, and Christmas Day with the neighbours. The diet starts after that, or maybe in the New Year.

Hope to see you next year; watch out for our special offers for the Spring, and news of another, larger gite for holidays next year.

“Bonnes Fetes” to all our readers.

Bob and Marjory


For those who’ve visited, or are thinking about visiting, we’d like to keep you up to date with what’s happening to us, and in our little part of Normandy.

Check us out from time to time to discover what’s happening here – news and views, festivals and fete days, special holiday offers in our cottages and chambre d’hote; all things interesting and exciting, we hope.

Contact us for further information, or visit our website www.hirondelleholidays.com

Bob and Marjory


Well, not quite yet. But the shops are already full of fancy dress for the kids, and foods and drinks specially for the day. France seems to be following America in making this festival a huge family affair, with all the paraphernalia for the occasion. And remember the Christmas House ?

Well, at the moment it is being decorated with ghosts and witches and pumpkins, ready for the holiday season rapidly approaching. For a secular society France still clings to a many religious festivals, and the festival of “Toussaint” is a public holiday, and the centre of a week’s school holiday.

In the ancient pagan religions this festival was celebrated as Samhain, a harvest festival, hence the pumpkin, but also part of the ancestor worship and looking to the spirits for protection, hence the ghosts, witches, etc.



In England we don’t seem to make so much of it; even less after the puritans put their spoke in on the non-biblical basis of many religious festivals. But then of course we do have Bonfire Night coming up, and its celebration of the failed Roman Catholic coup in England!

How about celebrating Halowe’en in France? Brittany Ferries have a special 24hr offer – see their website www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/offers/ferry/half-term-day-trips-france – with children up to 16 travelling free. If you arrive through Caen and leave through Cherbourg you can have a day and night in France. We can offer accomodation (B&B) at €42,00 for a double room; or perhaps an overnight stay in a gite – contact us for details and advice on ways to make best use of this offer.

Or why not have a longer break ? –

October Half Term

Saturday 25 October-Saturday 1 November



5 days

Saturday 25 October – Thursday 30 October


Sunday 26 October – Friday 31 October



This includes cottage, inclusive of electricity, and ferry travel for up to 5 passengers in a standard car travelling Poole to Cherbourg.   More details or other dates available on request.

 Wishing you all the best for the festival, however you celebrate it.

Bob and Marjory

Early Summer special offer


The sun’s shining, the birds are singing; the flowers blooming and the trees blossoming.

Forget the storms of a few weeks ago; now’s the time to think about that early summer holiday we mentioned  at Easter.  Gite, plus ferry crossing from Poole or Portsmouth for just £445. Bookable now for May or June.

 Just quote WP1 when you contact Hirondelle Holidays.

Bob and Marjory

Joyeux Paques

Easter bunny                                 Happy Easter.                                              easter-bunny-delusion.jpgeaster-bunny-delusion.jpgeaster-bunny-delusion.jpg

The Spring Festival of the goddess Eostre is upon us; or is it the christian celebration of the paschal lamb sacrificed?? The French name reminds us of the Christian Story, whereas the English name takes us back to the pre-christian religions of Northern Europe. Long before Christianity this time of the year was a celebration of new life and new hope; symbolised in the eggs painted and offered to the god Saturn asking for his blessing on the newly-sown crops, in the cakes quartered (hotcross buns?) for the seasons of the year, and the antics of the March hare – symbol of Eostre, goddess of Spring. (for an interesting side-swipe at all these ideas, have a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cpurrin1/298691559/ )

Whichever approach to this festival you prefer, the emphasis on life renewed is strong. It’s a time to look forwards to the coming seasons.

Why not use this time to think ahead to holidays in the spring. We’re offering a special for May/June – gite plus ferry crossing from Poole or Portsmouth for just £445. for a week. If this offer is what you need, please contact us quoting WP1. If this isn’t just what you’re looking for keep an eye out for future offers.

In the meantime, have a very good Easter, plenty of (chocolate) eggs, and time to relax and to recharge your batteries. Locally there are many Easter egg hunts today – the Easter bunny (hare) has left the eggs hidden; and also some Easter egg races; traditional ways to celebrate this time of year.

Bob and Marjory