Ethylotests obligatoire – breathalysers must be carried!!

From the 1st July 2012, all vehicles in France should carry a new breathalyser. This actually means that you need to have 2 breathalysers in your car, as if you are stopped and required to use one, you will not be allowed to move the car without an unused breathalyser in the vehicle!!

The law is in force from the 1st July; though thankfully sanctions (an on the spot fine of 11 euros) will not be applied until the 1st November. Having bought sufficient we lent some to a friend, and now can not buy anymore – latest news is that they are not expected until the beginning of August!

If you buy them anywhere other than France, pleae make sure that the conform to French norms, as indicated on the package

Norme Francaise

So that’s the new law – but what of the things that are already law?

Warning triangles are obligatory and should be used in the event of breakdown or accident

Warning Triangle

Reflective, or high visibility vests are also obligatory, and there should be enough for all passengers in the vehicle

Reflective vest

Country of origin plates are also required by international law – most number plates these days include these as standard, but if not you must have one.

Seat belts are compulsory, as are special seat restraint systems for children.

Radar detection equipment is prohibited; so if you have this as part of a GPS system, it needs to be switched off.

Headlamp adapters for English cars – dazzling continental drivers could invalidate your insurance.

Not obligatory, but recommended are –

First aid kit – European Law requires drivers to stop and provide assistance in the event of an accident.

Spare bulb kit – on the spot fines for non-working lights!

Spare bulb kit

Happy – and safe – motoring; and happy holidays

Bob & Marjory

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