Another nuclear reactor (and another)!!

The Government of France has recently announced the construction of a second (new, or third, generation) nuclear reactor in the region of Seine-Maritime, following the one already under construction near here at Flamanville.


News that was denounced by Greenpeace France, who claimed that France was renageing on a promise to use at least 20% renewable energy resources!. But with this news, accompanied by the announcement of the possibility of a third EPR (European Pressurised (water) Reactor), came the announcement of a fourth generation reactor which would use the same radioactive materials to infinity!! More power, at less cost, and with less nuclear waste.

The new reactor at Flamanville should be online by 2012, delayed by some months. The first EPR built in Sweden, though now some three years late in construction, should also be on line by 2012. Perhaps we need to wait to see what environmental effect these will have?


At the moment France’s power source is 80% nuclear. Not only this, but France exports power thoughout Europe. Do we really need more wind-turbines (eoliannes), with their environmental and aesthetic blight on the landscape? Or will the nuclear option prove to be more, or at least as eco-friendly?

I know where my vote lies!!?!