Concourse des villages Iluminees – Christmas lights competition

Last Saturday afternoon, evening, and into the early hours of the morning, we spent time in the Department of Orne. We were part of a coachload of people from Pierreville visiting the Illuminated Villages around the town of Domfront.

This festival/competition has been running for several years now, and the villages taking part decorate for Christmas; some with a theme – animals, and a beautiful Noah’s Ark; the cultivation and use of the pear; marriage; etc.


Others just decorate, with greetings for the season and for the new year.


Most have some sort of religious theme, linked to the festival.


Disappointingly, we were on the coach for 2 of the villages – no chance to take things at our own speed, or to take photos. The others we had a chance to walk around a bit, but were so busy that it was queues all the way. Still, well worth it, even though somebody said it was  “a bit like Blackpool illuminations.”

For more pictures, and pictures of the “Christmas House” at Surtainville from last year, why not pay a visit to our “Guestbook”?

Meilleurs voeux (best wishes) for the holiday season.

Bob and Marjory

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