Le Point du Jour – New art exhibition centre in Cherbourg

Last Saturday saw the opening of the Point du Jour; a new centre for the arts in Cherbourg, concentrating in particular on photography.

The building itself, situated next to the School of Fine Arts, and on the opposite corner to MacDonalds, is a work of art in itself. Designed by Eric Lapierre, the building is covered with Paxalumin, an alloy of aluminium – the picture from the website does not do it justice, there were better ones in the Presse last weekend. Next to a major road, at the edge of an urban country park, and overlooked by the military fort atop the hill, the building looks closed up from the outside, but has a very light interior – like a “glass pavillion”.


It houses two exhibition halls, plus a library (mainly of photographic works) and offices. As part of the exhibitions, there will be artists in residence and regular lectures and seminars on the subjects covered.

 Significantly the first exhibition is of images of urban renewal. Three artists-in-residence (sponsored by the city, and the Ministry of Culture) in Cherbourg since 2001, were charged with producing images of the changing city and are now giving their retrospective in photographs, a video, and paintings.


Further details about Le Point du Jour and the present and future exhibitions and events are available on its website www.lepointdujour.eu

Bob and Marjory