Well, not quite yet. But the shops are already full of fancy dress for the kids, and foods and drinks specially for the day. France seems to be following America in making this festival a huge family affair, with all the paraphernalia for the occasion. And remember the Christmas House ?

Well, at the moment it is being decorated with ghosts and witches and pumpkins, ready for the holiday season rapidly approaching. For a secular society France still clings to a many religious festivals, and the festival of “Toussaint” is a public holiday, and the centre of a week’s school holiday.

In the ancient pagan religions this festival was celebrated as Samhain, a harvest festival, hence the pumpkin, but also part of the ancestor worship and looking to the spirits for protection, hence the ghosts, witches, etc.



In England we don’t seem to make so much of it; even less after the puritans put their spoke in on the non-biblical basis of many religious festivals. But then of course we do have Bonfire Night coming up, and its celebration of the failed Roman Catholic coup in England!

How about celebrating Halowe’en in France? Brittany Ferries have a special 24hr offer – see their website www.brittany-ferries.co.uk/offers/ferry/half-term-day-trips-france – with children up to 16 travelling free. If you arrive through Caen and leave through Cherbourg you can have a day and night in France. We can offer accomodation (B&B) at €42,00 for a double room; or perhaps an overnight stay in a gite – contact us for details and advice on ways to make best use of this offer.

Or why not have a longer break ? –

October Half Term

Saturday 25 October-Saturday 1 November



5 days

Saturday 25 October – Thursday 30 October


Sunday 26 October – Friday 31 October



This includes cottage, inclusive of electricity, and ferry travel for up to 5 passengers in a standard car travelling Poole to Cherbourg.   More details or other dates available on request.

 Wishing you all the best for the festival, however you celebrate it.

Bob and Marjory

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