The European Week of “Mobility” (“La semaine europeenne de la mobilite”)

Here in Manche it’s being celebrated in several different (and money-saving) events; leading into a celebration of local heritage in “Journees de patrimoine”.

From Wednesday to Sunday a series of randonees – walks, cycle rides and so on – to discover the green ways (les voies vertes) through Manche – old tracks and paths, disused railway lines reclaimed as pathways, and so on. gives more detail.

Wednesday 17th was also the “journee du transport public” across France, celebrated here by a 1€ fare anywhere in Manche courtesy of Maneo, the public transport system sponsored by the Conseil General de Manche. Details of them and the public transport system in Manche through

This weekend there follows a special offer on the trains – 5€ anywhere in Basse-Normandie to discover more of our local heritage. We’ll be using this offer to visit the “Foire Internationale de Caen”, with it’s special expo on the Sacred Gold of the Incas. This exhibition from the 19 to 29th Sept celebrates our world heritage – details and

More about this later – though it may be a while as Monday we take our holiday for a couple of weeks; almost all holiday makers having now left the area

Bob and Marjory

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