Events in Pierreville

Following on from the very successful exposition by four local artists on the 26th and 27th April; which incidentally was accompanied by porte ouvert (open door) at the local market gardeners and at the depot de vins; we have 2 events posted up for May/June so far.

25th May is Fete de Meres (Mother’s Day) in France. Pierreville celebrates with an invitation from the Mayor and Council for all mothers from the commune to a vin d’honneur at the Mairie.

1st June the Tour du Pays Cotentin passes through Pierreville on the RD66 in the direction from Bricquebec to Surtainville between 0900 and 1000hrs.


Click into Pierreville’s blog for details of these and other events happening in this commune. Also Surtainville, Barneville, Les Pieux and others for details of the summer seasons’ events.

Bob and Marjory.

One response to “Events in Pierreville

  1. I find the blog very nice to read, just some words I d’nt understand very exactly, my english isn’t very perfect!!!
    I’m very interesting by the comments about the differences between english and french.

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