Not another bank holiday!!

The Monday after Pentecost – another jour ferie in France. Strange for a country that is proud to be secular that it still celebrates these religious holidays. Of course May has always been a Holiday (holy day) month – the month of the Virgin Mary. But four holidays in a month is a bit much surely!??

So the first of May – the worker’s festival, but with links back to the start of summer festivals of the ancient pagan religions – May poles, which seem to have some part in French lore – and Morris dancers. This year some confusion with the festival of the Ascension – a jour ferie also, but coinciding with the 1st became the subject of some contention over how many days off we’re due!!

Then the 8th – Victory Day – and today the Monday of Pentecost.

4 festivals – 2 religious, 2 secular – within two weeks. Not bad when England thinks it does well with the 2 May bank holidays it enjoys. But bad news for those who, like us, want to get on with the woprk of gardening and preparing for summer visitors – noisy machinery can only be used between 1000 and 1200 on these days. Fitting in the trimming of hedges, cutting of lawns and so on is very difficult when we lose 4 working days in a fortnight!!

However, the weather’s great so let’s enjoy the enforced break.


Bob and Marjory 

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