The first of May – now the workers’ festival, celebrated with a national holiday here in France, in England you have to wait till the first Monday in May for a Bank Holiday.

In the supermarket today we bought a “brin de muguet” as a gift for this festival. Links to a more ancient tradition celebrating fertility and the start of a new growing season, nowadays seen as “une fleur porte-bonheur” – “le muguet annoncerait le retour de la joie, du soleil at d’amour”.

Of course, in England there is a similar festival that for 30 years whilst still living there, I took part in. Dawn on the first of May is the start of the Morris dancing season. Wickham Morris will be greeting the dawn in Wickham Square yet again, and finishing the day’s celebration with mass morris for all who would like to take part. Yet again a celebration of the flowering of the crops, of new life and fertility for this year. Sorry we can’t be with you this year!!

Yes, in this picture they are dancing in France – in Les Pieux – just two years ago March when they were here for the Festival of English and Irish Cinema in Cherbourg.

Best wishes to all Morris teams for tomorrow and for the coming season. And best wishes to all for the !st May, Workers’ Festival, Festival of Spring, Day of Fertility (and also Ascension Day).

Bob and Marjory

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