How will you celebrate St. George?


How will you celebrate St. George’s day? Yes, that’s George, patron saint of England; whose festival falls on the 23rd April, as also does Shakespeare’s birthday. So quite a bit for English people to celebrate.

In Les Pieux this wekend is given over to a celebration of St. George; with a dinner dance on Saturday evening, dancing to the music of the 70s and 80s. And then, wait for it –

The French National Pedal Car meeting.                                                    

“Championnat de France de Voiture a Pedale”, organised by La Federation Francaise des Clubs de Voitures a Pedales.

What this has to do with St. George, slayer of the dragon, saviour of the damsel in distress; and hence image of all that is good about the English – brave, fearless, and with a care for those in need – I am at a loss to imagine.

There was a slight revival some years ago of the mummer’s plays in which St. George features. But what will you do to celebrate St. George? It would be good to have something both traditional and modern to celebrate our patron saint, in the same way as Patrick is celebrated for the Irish.

Bob and Marjory

2 responses to “How will you celebrate St. George?

  1. A bank holiday would be a good start 😉 I’ll be sitting at work wishing I was still in Quettehou with Mum, Dad & Gran!

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