Joyeux Paques

Easter bunny                                 Happy Easter.                                              easter-bunny-delusion.jpgeaster-bunny-delusion.jpgeaster-bunny-delusion.jpg

The Spring Festival of the goddess Eostre is upon us; or is it the christian celebration of the paschal lamb sacrificed?? The French name reminds us of the Christian Story, whereas the English name takes us back to the pre-christian religions of Northern Europe. Long before Christianity this time of the year was a celebration of new life and new hope; symbolised in the eggs painted and offered to the god Saturn asking for his blessing on the newly-sown crops, in the cakes quartered (hotcross buns?) for the seasons of the year, and the antics of the March hare – symbol of Eostre, goddess of Spring. (for an interesting side-swipe at all these ideas, have a look at )

Whichever approach to this festival you prefer, the emphasis on life renewed is strong. It’s a time to look forwards to the coming seasons.

Why not use this time to think ahead to holidays in the spring. We’re offering a special for May/June – gite plus ferry crossing from Poole or Portsmouth for just £445. for a week. If this offer is what you need, please contact us quoting WP1. If this isn’t just what you’re looking for keep an eye out for future offers.

In the meantime, have a very good Easter, plenty of (chocolate) eggs, and time to relax and to recharge your batteries. Locally there are many Easter egg hunts today – the Easter bunny (hare) has left the eggs hidden; and also some Easter egg races; traditional ways to celebrate this time of year.

Bob and Marjory

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