Le Terrible


“Le Terrible” fourth of a new generation of nuclear submarine launched on Good Friday in Cherbourg. Sarkozy said “we will not back down on defence and the nuclear deterrent”.

At the same time people in England were protesting about new generation nuclear reactors to be built, under direction from France, in England. How much of England’s power is already generated in France by nuclear power? Some research needed by the protestors, I think.


Joyeux Paques

Easter bunny                                 Happy Easter.                                              easter-bunny-delusion.jpgeaster-bunny-delusion.jpgeaster-bunny-delusion.jpg

The Spring Festival of the goddess Eostre is upon us; or is it the christian celebration of the paschal lamb sacrificed?? The French name reminds us of the Christian Story, whereas the English name takes us back to the pre-christian religions of Northern Europe. Long before Christianity this time of the year was a celebration of new life and new hope; symbolised in the eggs painted and offered to the god Saturn asking for his blessing on the newly-sown crops, in the cakes quartered (hotcross buns?) for the seasons of the year, and the antics of the March hare – symbol of Eostre, goddess of Spring. (for an interesting side-swipe at all these ideas, have a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cpurrin1/298691559/ )

Whichever approach to this festival you prefer, the emphasis on life renewed is strong. It’s a time to look forwards to the coming seasons.

Why not use this time to think ahead to holidays in the spring. We’re offering a special for May/June – gite plus ferry crossing from Poole or Portsmouth for just £445. for a week. If this offer is what you need, please contact us quoting WP1. If this isn’t just what you’re looking for keep an eye out for future offers.

In the meantime, have a very good Easter, plenty of (chocolate) eggs, and time to relax and to recharge your batteries. Locally there are many Easter egg hunts today – the Easter bunny (hare) has left the eggs hidden; and also some Easter egg races; traditional ways to celebrate this time of year.

Bob and Marjory