Le Mont St Michel

mont-st-michel.jpgLe Mont St Michel is one of the premier tourist sites in Normandy, third only in France to the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Chateau de Versailles; and a world heritage site.

For the next few years however, it is to be the site of major environmental and renovation works. It was announced recently that works begun in 2006 and due to finish in 2012 will not now finish till 2015. The aim of the works is to recreate the Mont St. Michel as an island within its bay, by removal of the sand and silt that has been deposited around it. This will affect access to the site, as the island will once again become an island proper, and access via the causeway will terminate.

At the finish of the works the river Couesnon will have a new barrage which should stop further deposits of silt in the bay; and access to the Mont will be by boat along the course of the river. For the duration of the works however, we are assured that access to the site will not be affected.

What do you think? Is this work necessary? Is it working with the environment in recreating the world as it was? or is this going against the natural development of this site?

Whatever your views, you can visit Mont St Michel from our gites at Surtainville. See the website for further details.

Bob and Marjory. 

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