Summer in Surtainville

Thinking of a holiday in this area for this summer? Before choosing your dates, if you’re not a teacher and so stuck with certain dates, it might be worth checking out some of the websites for local communes.

For example, Surtainville has in the last year totally rewritten its website, and has just published its calender for this year, including details of the summer festival on July 12th/13th. Well worth a look at, though the English translation side is not very good, nor up-to-date!! French needed!!

Websites for other local communes, again with Calendars (agendas) for the coming summer, are also well worth a look at in preparation for a holiday locally. Try Les Pieux, Barneville-Carteret, Briquebec, Hague tourism, among others.

Perhaps we’ll see you on the 13th July, when we hope to be taking part in the inter-commune games at Surtainville – though not sure on which side; should it be Pierreville where we live, or Surtainville where hirondelleholidays has its gites??

Best wishes

Bob and Marjory.