Twelfth Night – Epiphany

6th January – Feast of the Epiphany; celebrating the visit of the wise men (magi is the word used – not kings, nor are we sure how many there were).

The Christmas tree and decorations are taken down, some stored for another year, others disposed of, hopefully in an eco-friendly way. And so it’s all over for another year.

But not quite finished with here
– there is still the Galette des Rois to be enjoyed. A cake or flat pastry containing marzipan, and quite often fruits, and of course (!) chocolate. And in the package a cardboard crown, to be worn by the person who finds the figure in the cake. (A bit like the silver thrupenny bit in the christmas pudding, and as dangerous to dental health) Traditionally a figure from the nativity, this year’s favourite appears to be “Pirates of the Caribean”. A long way from the magi following a star to find the infant King of the Jews!

So even though overstuffed from the two festivals celebrated in the past two weeks, still more to look forwards to.

When will life get back to some sort of normality?

Bob and Marjory

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